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German Fairy Tale Route

German Fairytale Route, © Deutsche Märchenstraße e.V. Enlarge picture
German Fairytale Route
© Deutsche Märchenstraße e.V.

The world fame of the Grimms fairy tales gave the impulse for establishing the German Fairy Tale Route. From Hanau to Bremen since 1975, you are invited to walk in its tracks.

The Brothers Grimm on the German Fairy Tale Route
200 years ago, during the lifetime of the Grimm brothers, one still travelled on trade routes and not on holiday roads.
Today the German Fairy Tale Route invites you to travel. As one of the oldest and best known of almost 200 German holiday roads, it connects significant places during the life and activity of the world famous brothers with cities and landscapes in which their fairy tales and legends can be rediscovered.
Beginning in Hanau, the birthplace of Jacob and Wilhelm, it leads onward over the homeland of their childhood, Steinau an der Strasse, and their places of studies Marburg and Kassel. The "Children's and Household Tales" arose here in decades of work.
From there the road leads onward along the Weser River to the "Rat Catcher of Hameln", one of the numerous legends which the Grimms wrote down for posterity, to the "Bremen Town Musicians" and to "Hare and Hedgehog" in Buxtehude.


Traces of the Brothers Grimm on the German Fairy Tale Route
The famous brothers have left behind the most significant traces in the "Grimm towns" mentioned by name: Hanau, Steinau, Marburg and Kassel as well as Göttingen and Berlin, which invite the discovery of their great lifetime achievement in diverse ways.
Traces of the famous brothers and of their "painter brother" Ludwig Emil can also be discovered in many smaller locations along the holiday route. Whether in Wolfhagen, where Ludwig Emil once lived, in the painter colony Willingshausen or Grossalmerode where Wilhelm Grimm was confirmed.
You can admirably prepare for such a search for clues with the help of the listing of the Grimm homeland North Hesse and of the Website of the German Fairy Tale Route.
Jubilee events and travel offerings along the German Fairy Tale Route
You will find current travel offerings and event tips for the experience of the Grimm jubilee along the German Fairy Tale Route in the Event Calendar of The Topic Year Grimm2013.
Additional facts worth knowing about the Brothers Grimm on the German Fairy Tale Route
Significant information on the initiatives and institutions which work with the legacy of the Brothers Grimm on the German Fairy Tale Route can be found in the presentations of Hanau, Steinau, Marburg and Kassel.
Furthermore, the website of the German Fairy Tale Route with texts, images and links to numerous ways to access facts worth knowing about the Grimms.


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