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Grimm homeland North Hesse

"HEIMAT, the country or perhaps only the region in which one was born or had an abiding residence " - German Dictionary of Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm

The Brothers Grimm in the Grimm Home North Hesse
In Germany's middle, around about Kassel, lies the Grimm homeland North Hesse. The brothers Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm lived, worked and collected their world famous fairy tales here the longest period of their life, and made the best known and most popular contribution in German to word culture. World-wide, children grow up with the fairy tales of the Brothers Grimm – the well-known fairytale figures such as Sleeping Beauty, Little Red Riding Hood, Snow White, Mother Hulda and The Valiant Little Tailor are read, loved and honoured all over the world. Today the "Children's and Household Tales" counts among the UNESCO World Document Heritage of Mankind and between Christmas 2012 and Autumn 2014 will celebrate their 200 year Jubilee.

During their time in Kassel, both Jacob as well as Wilhelm Grimm travelled with pleasure through today's North Hesse. Many diary entries and letters show how much they were connected with their homeland and how gladly they lived here. No wonder, because the towns, locations and landscapes of our region are ideally typical for the fairy tales of the Brothers Grimm, and have a close local and continuous relationship to our region. Since the end of the 19th century the romantic Sleeping Beauty castle Sababurg in the legendary virgin forest Reinhardswald has been designated as the castle of the world-renowned fairy tale and is today a popular trademark of our region.

Visitors to the Grimm homeland North Hesse furthermore find an intact natural and cultural landscape, a high density of museums on an international level, impressive half-timbered towns, charming parks and gardens, romantic castles and palaces as well as much more which invites you to linger, discover and relax.


Traces of the Brothers Grimm in the Grimm Homeland North Hesse
Little Red Riding Hood, Snow White, Sleeping Beauty, Mother Hulda, The Valiant Little Tailor.

Since our childhood we preserve them in our heart. Here is their true home.
And there are still actual places where we feel transported with a magic hand back to the world of our childhood: in an audience at the Sleeping Beauty Castle Sababurg, a walking tour round about the Mother Hulda pond at the high Meissner, a fairy tale narration in Little Red Riding Hood country, a visit from Snow White's dwarf village or the Valorous Little Tailor in Bad Hersfeld. Here the fairy tale of the Brothers Grimm suddenly become very vivid.

Everything about the life and activity of the Grimm brothers can be discovered in the Brothers Grimm Museum in Kassel. The manuscripts of the Grimm fairy tales, UNESCO World Document Heritage of Mankind, can be admired as well as other numerous newly acquired exhibits. The rooms reopened in January 2012 are for visitors of all age groups as well as to true Grimm experts.

In the realm of words, the Knowledge and Adventure World opened in autumn 2011 in Bad Hersfeld. Here Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm have twofold importance, one due to their "Children's and Household Tales" which are ideally typical for the narrative tradition that has now gained world-wide popularity, and the second with their "German Dictionary" as well as the "German Grammar", by which the Grimms established the foundations of language research and folk life studies.
The painter brother Ludwig Emil Grimm plays a large role in the painter colony Willingshausen and with him his numerous Grimm and fairy tale portraits.
Onwards to the enchanting search for clues in the Grimm homeland North Hesse.

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Additional facts worth knowing about the Brothers Grimm in the Grimm homeland North Hesse
- Brothers Grimm Congress 2012 at the University of Kassel
- Brothers Grimm endowed professorship
- Brüder Grimm Gesellschaft e.V. (Brothers Grimm Society)
- Brothers Grimm Festival Kassel


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