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"To Steinau went also the son of Pastor Friedrich, my grandfather Philipp Wilhelm Grimm..." (Herman Grimm)

The Brothers Grimm in Steinau an der Strasse

In 1791, the family of the district magistrate Philipp Wilhelm Grimm moved to Steinau an der Strasse. The family lodged in the magistrate's house, at that time already more than 200 years old, a splendid Renaissance building. The only sister of Jacob and Wilhelm, Charlotte Amalie, was born here in 1793, and was called Lotte by the family. As district magistrate – a profession which united the functions of a Regional Council and a judge - father Grimm was responsible for the offices of Steinau and Schlüchtern, hence for two towns, eleven villages and five monasteries, in total about 6,400 souls.
After the death of her husband in 1796, the widow Dorothea Grimm had to leave the magistrate's house with her children in order to make room for the new district magistrate and his family. She temporarily moved into the Huttensches Spital, which at this time also served as the alms house, before she could purchase a part of the old cellars and could move there.
Magistrate's house and Huttensches Spital are preserved to this day, also many others buildings which the Grimm brothers mentioned in their autobiographical texts. The town with the castle is still today preserved like the Grimm brothers experienced it in their childhood.
Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm left Steinau in 1798 in order to attend the secondary school in Kassel. "A beautiful childhood", spiked with "the whole of life's unforgettable impressions" (Wilhelm Grimm) came to an end.

Traces of the Brothers Grimm in Steinau

- Amtshaus (magistrate's house), built in 1562, today: Brothers Grimm House, accommodating a museum on the life, works and impact of the Brothers Grimm, opened to the public in 2011 after extensive restoration and according to a new concept as a modern and public-oriented museum.
- Amtshof-Scheune (barn) was once a favourite playground of the Grimms. Today the "Museum Steinau ...the Museum an der Strasse" gives information about the travel and life on the old trade road between Frankfurt and Leipzig.
- Huttensches Hospital, transition dwelling after the death of the father
- Alte Kellerei (wine cellars, now a new building), dwelling house of the family Grimm after the death of the father, District Magistrate Grimm
- Reformed parsonage, built 1690, dwelling house of the grandparents and birthplace of the father of the Brothers Grimm
- St.Catharine's Church, 1730 – 1777, where the grandfather of the Grimm brothers, the clergyman Friedrich Grimm, preached as a reformed clergyman.
- The Schoolhouse, were the Grimm brothers, and previously their father, were instructed. Today the house is an administration building.
- Steinau Castle, Brothers Grimm memorial
- Stadtborn, water source within the town wall. It bestowed drinking water and served a washing bay, and was a beloved playground for the Grimm children.

Town guided tour:
- "In the footsteps of the Grimms"
- "Fairy tale guided tours"
- Guided tours through the Brothers Grimm house


Verkehrsbüro Steinau:
Brüder-Grimm-Straße 70
36396 Steinau
tel: +49 (0) 6663 9631-0
fax: +49 (0) 6663 9631-33

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